Booster Gold Vol.1 #1 "1st Appearance of Booster Gold"

Booster Gold Vol.1 #1 "1st Appearance of Booster Gold"

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  • Рік видання 1986
  • Автор Dan Jurgens
  • Художник Dan Jurgens
  • Мова англійська
  • Кількість сторінок 24
  • Видавництво DC
  • ISBN 76194134980000111
  • Палітурка м'яка
  • Формат 170 х 260 мм
  • Країна-виробник товару США
Booster Gold is Metropolis' newest protector, as well as the corporate mascot of Goldstar, Inc. With his flying robotic companion Skeets, he seeks to make a name for himself in every possible venue, not the least of which includes brokering for movie deals and merchandise.
Currently, Booster is completing a workout at the Metropolis Athletic Club. As he finishes up, he dons his super-hero costume and marches out into the street. He gets into his limousine and speaks with Dirk Davis – his agent at Goldstar, Inc.
Suddenly, a large red battle tank screams down the road ramming several cars off of the highway. Booster and Skeets fly into action. Dozens of costumed terrorists pour out of the tank, including a large armored villain named Blackguard. Booster learns that Blackguard has stolen the guidance system chips to a satellite station from S.T.A.R. Labs.
The adversaries begin fighting one another, but Blackguard keeps Booster at bay with his energy mace and force shield. He manages to slow Blackguard down however, by manipulating him into the path of a high voltage power terminal. Recovering the guidance chips, Booster flies them back to S.T.A.R. Labs. The press corps arrives and Booster openly brags about his accomplishments. S.T.A.R. Labs administrator Jenet Klyburn runs outside and admonishes Booster for telling the press about their top-secret endeavors.
Suddenly, a new costumed villain named Mindancer arrives and attacks Booster Gold. Eschewing a blast of energy, she nearly incapacitates him in front of a sea of reporters.
Meanwhile, in a towering office space several blocks away, a shadowy man with a cane monitors the press reports with great interest. He is determined to learn all that he can about Booster Gold.

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