Crisis On Infinite Earths Giant #1

Crisis On Infinite Earths Giant #1

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  • Мова англійська
  • Кількість сторінок 100
  • Видавництво DC
  • Палітурка м'яка
  • Формат 170 х 260 мм
  • Країна-виробник товару США

 #1 will bridge the worlds of the original seminal  maxiseries and the  television event starting this Sunday, December 8, on The CW, with a lead story co-written by Marc Guggenheim and Marv Wolfman!

The 100-page comic is headlined a 24-page all-new main story co-written by original  co-creator Wolfman and  and  executive producer Marc Guggenheim, illustrated by Tom Derenick (pencils), Trevor Scott (inks), John Kalisz (colors) and Wes Abbott (letters). Set in the canon of the Arrowverse and starring fan-favorite character Felicity Smoak, the story ties-in directly to the five-part TV event.

Wolfman and Guggenheim have also co-written a new eight-page back-up story with pencils by Tom Grummett, inks by Danny Miki, colors by Chris Sotomayor and letters by Wes Abbott.

 #1 also features a reprint of the full first issue of Wolfman and George Perez's  #1, plus an excerpt from issue #7. The 100-page Giant features an all-new cover by original  alum Jerry Ordway and Alex Sinclair.


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