THOR 343 CGC 9.0 NM 1984
THOR 343 CGC 9.0 NM 1984

THOR 343 CGC 9.0 NM 1984

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  • Рік видання 1984
  • Автор Mark Gruenwald
  • Художник Christie Scheele
  • Мова англійська
  • Кількість сторінок 36
  • Видавництво Marvel
  • ISBN 5761245243631627
  • Палітурка м'яка
  • Формат 170 х 260 мм
  • Країна-виробник товару США

Cover by Walt Simonson. The dragon from issue 341 returns on the rampage in "If I Should Die Before I Wake...!", script and art by Walter Simonson; Fafnir is in New York on a rampage, screaming for the Son of Odin, and begins destroying buildings; Elsewhere, Lorelei is wondering where Thor is; But Thor is unaware of what's going on because he's in Antarctica with Eilif; Thor tells him that he is proud of his reckless courage, but the granting of Valhalla is beyond him; Only Odin and the Valkyries can decide who sits in that realm; But Thor tells him that for old times sake, he will take Eilif's fate in his hands; For Fafnir awaits him in New York and he would take Eilif with him; Thor then calls to Odin to grant him a sign that Eilif be his shield bearer; After half an hour, out of nowhere, flies Cloud rider's and Thor's own chariot pulled by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder; In Asgard, Karnilla is furious at what Loki has done to Balder.

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